About us

About Us at Charades.io

Welcome to Charades.io, where the classic game of charades meets the digital world! 🎭

Who Are We?

At Charades.io, we’re a bunch of game enthusiasts who believe that the joy of charades shouldn’t be limited to just parties or gatherings. Why not bring it online so everyone, everywhere can enjoy it? That’s exactly what we did!

Charades.io is a part of the FunNightGames group (funnightgames.com). We are operating as an arm of Lezgo (AI) Limited where we constantly innovate and strive to combine the power of AI, social game development and our marketing expertise. Hope you find our products useful.

Our Mission

To create a space where families, friends, and even strangers can come together to enjoy a game that’s loved globally. Whether you’re 5 or 85, Charades.io promises unlimited laughs, challenges, and moments that turn into cherished memories.

Why Choose Charades.io?

  1. Family-friendly – Our platform ensures content that’s suitable for all age groups.
  2. Interactive & User-Friendly – Easy for kids and adults alike to use.
  3. Connect Globally – Play with friends or challenge someone from across the globe.
  4. Always Evolving – We regularly update our charade lists and features to keep things exciting!

From the Creators

We are the same creators behind the fun-packed game platform funnightgames.com, including the ever-popular WouldYouRather.kids. We’re dedicated to providing top-quality entertainment options, and Charades.io is our latest adventure.

Join us in the exciting, hilarious, and sometimes baffling world of charades. Dive in, act out, guess away, and above all, have a blast!